Omarosa Proves To Be The Ultimate Reality Baller-ette!

It looks like Omarosa Manigault (Known worldwide from being casted on The Donald’s ‘Apprentice’) has been named the new West Coast Editor of Reality Weekly (this is the first magazine devoted to publishing the juicey news on the hottest reality shows on TV as well as their stars).

According to the American Media, Inc’s press release, Ms. Omarosa will serve as the brand’s West Coast ambassador with access to exclusive red carpet events, show premieres and press junkets as well as the VOICE of the magazine on all topics related to it, thus, providing insider information to various new outlets.

Why did they select Ms. Omarosa? I know you’re thinking it… hell, so was I.

Well, it appears as though Omarosa was selected because of her long Reality TV pedigree; she’s stared in over 20 reality shows including “The Celebrity Apprentice, Surreal Life, Fear Factor and Girls Behaving Badly. And as if that wasn’t enough, Omarosa also served as co-producer with business mogul and reality TV tycoon Donald Trump on her own reality show “Ultimate Merger”.

But this sister’s knowledge and business savy roots go far further than her reality show appearances. Prior to her reality career, over a decade, Ms. Omarosa served as Education and Research Director for NVLP, a production company owned by Dr. Bill & Camille Cosby. She also worked in the CNN Washington, D.C. newsroom and held various political appointments at the White House with President Clinton.

Education wise : Omarosa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and a Master’s of Mass Communication degree.

Simply Put… Sometimes being the Reality Bitch slash Vixen pays off. This sister had a career prior to becoming the sista that most loved to hate and now look at her… She’s on top & dishing it out to all who prefer that sort of entertainment.

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