Omarosa Reveals Someone Who Could Testify And 'End' Trump

Omarosa Reveals Someone Who Could Testify And ‘End’ Trump’s Presidency

Omarosa has been canceled for a while now, but this new tea has us all ears. 

The former Trump advisor went on “Hardball” with host Chris Matthews to tell us how she really feels. When they say nothing is more dangerous than a woman scorned, they were talking about Omarosa Manigault Newman, in the wake of her White House dismissal.

Omarosa openly explained that Rhona Graff is someone the Celebrity-in-Chief “fears the most.” As his personal secretary, she has a tremendous part in knowing A LOT of information that could tear him down in the WikiLeaks investigation.

“She knows everyone, she knows the role they play, she knows who knows who said what, when. She set up the meetings. If she is called to testify that would be the end of Donald Trump,” Omarosa said. 

However, the former advisor blatantly predicted the odds of Graff pulling the “plead the fifth” card are high due to her “fierce” loyalty to Trump. She also spoke on the question of whether or not Trump is a racist.  Though Ben Carson won the “token black person” title in Trump’s cabinet, Omarosa easily confirmed what we all already believed. 

“He has a problem with people of color. There were years that I denied that because I was in his orbit, but he exploits them.”

“He knows once he’s impeached, that will be the most significant sign that he is truly a failure and that he has been running the biggest, greatest, and perpetuating the greatest fraud on the American people because he was not able, capable or prepared to be president of the United States.”

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