Baller Alert was discussed on Monica’s show The Single on Peachtree TV. Check out the entire show here (baller alert is mentioned at the very beginning of part 5)

Check out the mention:

She made some comments about Baller Alert women needing AIDS test. Here is Baller Alert’s open letter to Monica:

Dear Monica,

It seems like you have some misconceived ideas about what Baller Alert is really about, and I would like to extend an open invitation for you to not only log on and check us out, but to also come and have a live chat with us. We are a family of successful sisters, and we would like you to join the community and become a part of what everyone is talking about, and get some clarity since you were misinformed about what Baller Alert is all about. You have many fans on our site!

After taking a look you will realize that is not just a destination to talk about dating ballers. We are a social community of highly intelligent and motivated women (and men). We discuss many things from current events (not just entertainment related), health, beauty, and fashion.

We really appreciate your comment about our members needing HIV test but as an educated woman I am sure you know that EVERYONE should be tested regularly, and we talk about the sexual health issues facing black women regularly. Testing isn’t something that only members should do but EVERYONE. Maybe you may want to spread the word in some way with your celebrity since we noticed your concern.

Once you take a look, feel free to invite Mr. Cox as well, as he had us pegged all wrong. We featured Mr. Cox as a Baller Behind the Scenes because in our eyes he is a true baller by every definition of the term. We also sent out a “BALLER ALERT” text message because Mr. Cox was spotted at a party, and some ladies love to party with/like rock stars too.


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