Is Oprah Eyeing A Presidential Run?


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In the past, Oprah has brushed off any suggestions that she would jump into the world of politics. However, these days it doesn’t seem as unrealistic.

While sitting down on The David Rubenstein Show, she discussed the success of her show and the OWN Network, her philanthropy, support of Barack Obama, and the thought of a Presidential run.

At one point, Rubenstein mentions that she could run for President and ACTUALLY be elected, and Oprah’s response was definitely some subtle shade towards Donald Trump.

“I never considered the question…even a possibility. I just thought oh? Oh? I thought oh gee, I don’t have the experience; I don’t know enough. Now, I’m thinking…ohhhhh?”

In reality, it seems that Miss Winfrey has no desire to be our commander-in-chief, but I think she could easily be elected. Could you imagine if her and our former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, teamed up?

I mean, Winfrey-Obama 2020 (or vice versa) does have a pretty nice ring to it.

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