Philadelphia Customer Walks In On Restaurant Robbery And Fatally Shoots Suspect Dead In Self-Defense

A Philly customer’s decision to involve himself in a robbery ended fatally.

On Sunday, an armed man wearing a mask and gloves came into a Wingstop in northeast Philadelphia around 10:30 p.m. a demanded three employees to hand over the money from the cash register. 

That’s when a customer who was talking on the phone walked into the restaurant, totally obvious to the fact that the joint was being robbed, investigators said. The suspect then turned to the man, pointed his gun at him, and ordered him to give him his phone. But the customer was packing himself and pulled his own gun out and fired a shot into the suspect’s neck, For News reports. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. 

The Philadelphia police are currently investigating the incident with the help of the restaurant’s surveillance footage. Following the altercation, the man worked with police; authorities say the man will more than likely not be charged for defending himself. 

“The customer who was also a victim because he had the gun pointed at him remained on scene, did cooperate with police,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said, according to KYW-TV. “We do have his weapon we know that just one shot was fired from that customer.”


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