They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Whomever is holding that mirror must be blind. Mr. Jawai is definately not attractive, at least not in my beautiful brown eyes. He reminds me of Shaq in that God awful movie, Kazaaam. I’m just looking for Nathan to jump out of a genie bottle any second now. Enough about bashing him, I’m sure he’s a pretty nice guy.

Besides, this is a blog directed at his skill in basketball. Which brings me to what makes him a nba draftee. According to nbadraft.net, he is highly aggressive, loves to dunk on guys and really enjoys playing physical. His attitude is one of his biggest positives. He can get angry and emotional, but that actually helps His game and does not hurt it. He is not foul prone either. he likes to get rough, can do the dirty work and shows passion.

He’s landed a spot on the Toronto Raptors roster, lets see how long he can last. Does he have what it takes to get a spot on your roster, ladies??

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