Pilar Sanders Claims Pre-Nup Was Forged But The Judge Isn’t Buying It

On this episode of As The World Of Pilar And Deion Sanders Turns, Pilar Sanders took to court Wednesday with claims that the prenuptial agreement that she signed over 13 years ago when she married Deion Sanders was partially forged and pages. This attempt at getting the agreement thrown out resulted in a failure. Score one for Primetime.



Former Dallas Cowboys star Deion Sanders’ estranged wife, Pilar Sanders, came to court Wednesday hoping to prove the pre-marital agreement she signed was partially forged and pages were added.


She wanted the agreement thrown out.


However, the judge ruled there was no fraud, saying Mrs. Sanders willingly signed the agreement.


Pilar Sanders’ attorney said not only was the agreement a fraud, the whole marriage was a sham.


“She was tricked and defrauded at the time she signed agreement,” said attorney Larry Friedman. “Deion never intended this to be a lifetime commitment.”


Mrs. Sanders’ original attorney, who worked on the pre-nuptial agreement, said Pilar got a $100,000 signing bonus to sign the document.


Deion’s attorney Rick Robertson said, “If the marriage was a fraud, then annul it and give back the money. Give back the $100,000 signing bonus.”


Deion Sanders said his wife knew what she was doing, and is trying to squeeze more money out of him.


“Greed, greed!” Mr. Sanders said. “You signed it and now it’s over and your lifestyle is over, so you want to fight it. Greed.”


The judge, who has heard similar arguments twice before, said Pilar Sanders willingly signed agreement, there was no fraud and told her attorneys not to bring the issues to his court again.

Yep, Deion definitely won this round. Looks like Pilar won’t be seeing a penny more than what she agreed to.

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