Police Are Investigating An Alleged Racist Video Of Black High School Football Player Forced Into Locker With Banana Peels

After a teammate threatened to break his knees if he didn’t comply, an Illinois Black high school football player was allegedly forced to sit in a locker filled with banana peels.

The alleged incident occurred at Moline High School in northwest Illinois, and after a video of it went viral on social media, police are investigating.

The 11-second video shows a player threatening to put the Black teen in a locker full of banana peels on Thursday night. The other player could be heard saying, “I’ll break both your knees.”

The Black player, whose identity has yet to be revealed, finally sits down while others in the locker room yell, “Yeah!”

Police Chief Darren Gault said the individual’s teammates involved were “of both different and similar races to the victim.”

According to the Daily Mail, he also called the alleged incident a “disturbing racist scene.”

All of the players involved, according to Gault, have been named and are apparently friends.


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