Police Officer Mistaken for Sexy Stripper When He Reports to Woman’s Birthday Party -blogged by: @Paige_Kendra_

Can you imagine being an on-duty police officer, working a normal shift, and then you are suddenly swarmed by a group of wild women at a birthday party who are convinced that you are a stripper? Well this is exactly what happened to Officer Mike Ober, who is engaged and in his mid-20’s. 

Ober says he was patrolling over the weekend and saw an open door to a club that wasn’t usually open on weekends. He decided to go check it out and as soon as he opened the door he heard women cheering with excitement. Officer Ober had walked right into a 50th Birthday party celebration, and the women thought he was the entertainment. They were sure the male stripper had just entered the building. 

Officer Ober had to make a hasty retreat out of there, as the women were ready for a show! He told the women he was flattered, but he was not the person they were looking for. He also says that the women kept referring to him as, Stripogram.

“The party was about to get started and they thought I was early,” he said. “As I went in, there were loud cheers and someone shouted, ‘Oh, are you the stripogram?’”

OMG! Can you say awkward?


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