Police Officers Charged For Trafficking Over 700 Pounds of Cocaine Found At Opa Locka Airport

Police officers have been charged in connection to over 700 pounds of cocaine found at Opa Locka Airport. 

U.S. Virgin Islands police officers, 26-year-old Teshawn Adams and 29-year-old Shakim Mike, and four others were charged with drug trafficking after more than 700 pounds of cocaine were found when the officers and two other men landed on a private plane at Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport. 

According to Local 10 News reports, Adams and Mike traveled from St. Thomas to Miami on Tuesday. They were immediately arrested after Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers found 294 individually plastic-wrapped bricks of cocaine in their luggage during a scan at the airport. 

The United States of the Southern District of Florida said CBP officers saw discovered the coke on the screen of an X-ray machine. The men had a total of 725 pounds, the outlet reports. The two men traveling with the officers were Roystin, 28, and Maleek Leonard, 27. They both joined the officers on a private passenger jet. 

Waiting on the men at the airport were Tevon Adams, Teshawn’s twin brother, who lives in Petersburg, Fla., and Anthon Berkley of Orlando, Fla. Tevon and Berkley were stationed to help transport the men and the cocaine to other areas of Florida, according to a complaint. 

The two men were able to get past a standard background check, V.I. Police Commissioner Trevor Velinor said. “There was no indication by VIPD that they were involved in any illegal activities,” Velinor said. When police discovered the cocaine, Mike took off running in an attempt to escape. 

Teshawn Adams and Shakim Mike
Teshawn Adams and Shakim Mike

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