Poor Ho, Rich Ho: Play Just Dumb Enough To Get Into His Pockets

I’ve been reading this book “Rich Ho, Poor Ho” for a few days. I’ve had it in my possession for a long time but work and life has kept me away from really reading it. I decided to break it open the other day and really figure out what it’s about. To break it down as briefly as possible, it’s written by a “Pimp” who gives advice to women to help them go from being a Poor Ho to a Rich Ho. Aside from the fact that he’s a pimp and their hoes, I figured there would be a lot of good advice in it for using what you got to get what you want. So, I read on and wanted to share with you guys. Here’s our first lesson for the day:

Play Just Dumb Enough To Get Into His Pockets

Men that enter my world are egotistical creatures that seek to conquer. The very act of sexual penetration is like wielding and thrusting a sword into prey. So many men are under the illusion that hos are dumb because to men, when a woman uses sex to manipulate or goes from one man to the next, she’s stupid. Supposedly, such women are not getting what they want from men.


On the other hand, smart hos know how to play dumb just enough to be approachable and unassuming to men. Disarming men of the need to think logically can’t be done by a ho bragging about her PhD. Men that think logically while dealing with hos always end up getting something for nothing from dumb hos that claim to be smart. Men that feel no need to prove their intelligence when dealing with smart hos that know how to play dumb, pay more money.


Grasp that the male psychi is competitive. Men come to hos to relax, not have the same so-called intellectual debates with a ho that they may have with a wife or girlfriend. I don’t mean for hos to act dingy (unless the men pay more for such role playing, of course) but I do mean that hos need to know how to switch the focus of men from being smart and competitive to being foolish. Only a fool would pay for something that could be attained freely.

So when a smart ho tells men that most men love her feet and ankles even though she knows that her mind is as sharp as a razor, she’s telling men where she wants their focus to start. She’s setting the stage for her own game. Will men fall in love with her feet and ankles?


Some will, some will admire but gravitate to her thighs or butt, some will fall for her eyes or the way she talks. By the time these men are entranced, the smart ho has been watching each of them, studying where their eyes roam and fixate, figuring out how they think and what turns them on. What these men will not be doing when they are relaxed and catered to properly is putting efforts into being defensive, competitive and antagonistic. Disarmed men are great contributors to the financial causes of smart hos.


Ironically, even if the ho knows that her feet and ankles are indeed her worst feature but watches men lie about how great her feet and ankles look, the ho learns how such men lie. If a ho can’t tell when her clients or fans are lying, she’s no longer in business, she’s a fool in love. 



Cliff Notes Ballerific Version: Men, especially Ballers, are egotistical creatures. They don’t want a combative woman to challenge their every word. Sometimes they just want a bimbo. This is why trophy wives exist and men marry hoes. To snag a Baller and begin working your way into his pockets, be smart enough to dumb it down a little. And before the righteous get angry, keep in mind that this is a “game” and you are “competing”. No one is telling you to BE dumb, just saying to act dumb sometimes.


You can cop your copy of Poor Ho, Rich Ho HERE. Look for more Rich Ho advice coming soon!

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