Poor Ho, Rich Ho: You Are The Product, Brand Your Packaging

Here’s another excerpt from Poor Ho, Rich Ho that I found interesting. We’ve already discussed this before, but It was great hearing it from a man’s mouth.

You Are The Product, Brand Your Packaging

Looks matter. Your physicality is your product. You are the package, brand and the slogan. How you position, market and utilize your physical prowess will be discussed in the next chapter. For now, I want you to take a good look at what you have to market.


Furthermore, how you feel matters. Take care of your body. As your moneymaker, your body is the first thing seen. You’re selling flesh fantasies in some capacity, don’t cut corners. If you can, join a gym and stay fit. Eat right. The look you present matters. What you eat comes out in the scents of your body, so lots of vegetables, water, fiber and healthy proteins should be a part of your routine. Stay away from alcohol, drugs and if you smoke, stop. A great body, clear skin, white teeth and fresh breath should be your bare minimum standard. Plus, you’ll need energy to fulfill your targeted goals. Not eating right will affect your metabolism, energy, mood and appearance.


Your hygiene should be impeccable. I always tell my girls, stay fresh as if the moment you meet a man you can sit on his face and know that when you get up, you won’t mind kissing him. Manicures, pedicures, clean shaved arm pits minus razor bumps and bruises should be your norm. One dame I know shared with me that she no longer uses tissue in the bathroom. Instead she uses baby wipes to stay fresh. Pimple scars do not look good anywhere on your body, keep them at a minimum. In short, don’t be a funky, out of shape ho- seriously. Find a fitness and hygiene routine that suits your path. I could write another book on female hygiene from the male perspective, but that shit would be a comedy and it ain’t fuckin’ funny to me right now. Anyway…


How are you built? How much do you weigh? What type of figure do you have? Is your health and hygiene up to par? What do you drape over that body of yours? Is your hair and make-up strategy effective?


Whether you are an aspiring “dancer” or “model” or so-called “actress” perfect your look. For every type of female look, there is a market of men that prefer that specific look. Believe me,

men have diverse tastes in women. Do not assume you are not a man’s type unless you test the waters. 

So to switch this from Pimp Talk to Baller Alert Talk, the excerpt is saying one thing plain and simple: Your body is your money maker. If you want to snag a Baller and get him to spend what you’re worth, you have to treat your body like it’s worth something. Don’t be some off brand cola when you can be the good old always refreshing Coca-Cola Classic. The look doesn’t always have to be bone thin. As the author wrote, ever man has a type. Whatever look it is, go for it and perfect it. Keep the hair done, nails done and hygiene up to par. One small slip up can cost you your Baller and future Ballers.

Not only is it about looking good, but feeling good. The aura you give off attracts people to you. It’s part of your packaging. It’s your fancy logo. It’s that thing that once they’re looking at you, it keeps them looking at you. It’s more than just confidence, however. It’s your walk, your smile, the way subconsciously look at people. All that is part of the brand that you’re trying to sell to your Baller.

You can cop your copy of Poor Ho, Rich Ho HERE. Look for more Rich Ho advice coming soon!

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