Pop Smoke’s Mother Cleans Up His Vandalized Gravesite

On Monday, Pop Smoke’s mother Audrey Jackson shared photos of the family’s cleanup efforts at his vandalized gravesite. 

Jackson posted a series of photos and videos on Instagram with the caption, “Whoever you are, you have my attention. Now what!?” In an accompanying video, she is seen holding the marble chips left from the damaged mausoleum or from it being fixed. 

“Some chips leftover. These are from trying to break in or from it being fixed to at least have it covered,” Jackson said in the video. “This is unnecessary whoever you are.” 

In a follow-up post, Jackson shared photos of herself kneeling at her son’s grave. 

“We cleaned up,” she captioned the post. “We sat and talked to each other and to him.”

TMZ was the first to report the vandalism of Pop Smoke’s crypt in the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. The disrespectful act happened sometime between Friday afternoon and when police responded to the area on Saturday afternoon. 

The plaque with Pop Smoke’s birth name, Bashar Jackson, was cracked. There were drag marks near the grave, leading some to believe the vandals tried to remove his casket. Flowers, smoked joints, and pieces of marble were strewn about the gravesite. 

An investigation into the incident is ongoing, and so far, no suspects have been identified. 


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