R. Kelly Claims Diabetes & High Blood Pressure Put Him At Higher Risk For COVID-19; Judge Disagrees, Denies His Release

R. Kelly has made another attempt to get out of prison amid the spread of the coronavirus. This time, the singer claims his high blood pressure, diabetes, and his weight put him at a higher risk for COVID-19, as detailed in a letter to the judge presiding over his criminal case.

According to the legal docs obtained by The Blast, Kelly says new medical tests” reveal that he is 1/10 of one point below diabetic, at the very top of the high-risk category. It is a fact that people who are diabetic are at a much higher risk for serious complications should they be infected with Covid 19.”

In addition, the “Happy People” star claims he suffers from high blood pressure and cholesterol issues, all health factors which could lead to complications if he were to contract the virus.

He continued by saying, “In the current environment, they are not taking any medical action to mitigate any of these conditions. They let a month pass before sharing the results. It only makes sense that given the absence of any knowledge on his part, or any mitigation, that he is likely now diabetic. And of course, African-Americans are at higher risk when infected with Covid 19.”

Ultimately, a judge did not see it that way. His latest plea was denied.

R. Kelly had previously been denied an early release due to him being a flight risk.  However, his lawyers say that there is no way the singer could attempt to flee due to the current coronavirus crisis.

“Any suggestion that he would flee also flies in the face of the reality that it is virtually impossible during this pandemic to fly anywhere, let alone to do it surreptitiously. Airports these days are completely deserted. He could not just walk through an airport undetected, or sit on an airplane unnoticed. He does not have a passport,” they stated.

There were also concerns that the singer may tamper with witnesses in his upcoming trial, another claim that his lawyers shot down.

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