Ranchers Close To U.S.-Mexico Border Are Finding Bodies Of Migrants On Their Properties

A Texas ranger said he and his neighbors have been finding bodies of migrants on their properties.

Whit Jones, a Texas Ranger who lives in Hebbronville, Texas, sat down with “Fox and Friends” and shared the strange findings he and his neighbors encounter. Jones says he finds about two to three migrant bodies a year. “A neighbor of mine has been finding close to ten a year for the last ten years,” said Jones. Jones hosts migrants on his properties as asylums, but he says he finds the bodies of adult male migrants most of the time. Fox News reports adult males don’t qualify for asylum at his properties.

“Right now we’re seeing hardly any children or women because of everything that’s going on on the river,” Jones explained. “Those people aren’t having to make this journey.” He added that women and children can claim asylum and are “being bused places,” which prompts more “single men” to come up. Jones says that can make the asylum “a little bit more of a dangerous situation.”

“There is a sense of fear that exists down here all the time,” Jones said. “It’s a terrible situation.”

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn, said the same thing is taking place in Arizona. “I spoke with John Ladd, a local rancher in Cochise County, who told me in the past 30 years he’s had over a dozen dead illegal immigrants on his ranch,” Blackburn tweeted.

Jones said he hopes that a new law will be put in place to help “penalize smugglers” and provide protection for migrants. He believes the law would “strengthen the penalty on trespassing from a state-level” and would allow “our local law enforcement the ability to do more with the situation.”

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