Raven-Symoné Jokes That NDAs Are Kept On Her Nightstand Before "Naughty Time" [Video]

Raven-Symoné Jokes That NDAs Are Kept On Her Nightstand Before “Naughty Time” [Video]

Actress Raven-Symoné is not taking any chances when it comes to keeping her personal life under wraps.

The “That’s So Raven” star recently revealed on the “Howie Mandel Does Stuff” podcast that her previous ex-lovers had to sign non-disclosure agreements if they wanted to date her. Per the successful child star, she would usually whip out the paperwork in the early stages of dating. Her preferred time to present the NDAs was before any “naughty time” took place. She joked that she even kept the documents next to the best.

“Yes,” she replied when asked if the NDAs were a permanent fixture on the nightstand. “Not always on the nightstand. It might happen the day before or whatever,” she explained. “Now we have consent forms. That’s part of it now.”

The 37-year-old is now married to film assistant Miranda Pearman-Maday. Although Symoné is confident that she has found the one, that did not sway her from continuing her NDA tradition even when her wife expressed disappointment over having to sign the docs. According to Symoné, Pearman-Maday even refused initially because she didn’t completely understand the process but eventually came around.

“She did it for me because she knew that I was being pushed elsewhere, and she understood. But we both were like, ‘This takes away from the genuineness of it all.’ She did it, but she’s also proven to me beyond the three pages,” Symoné.

The pair began dating in 2015 and married in 2020. Prior to that, Symoné was in a relationship for seven years with a man, though she would not disclose his identity due to their NDA in place. Their romance ended after she learned he was expecting a child with another woman. She has also been rumored to have dated actors Jussie Smollett and Orlando Brown.

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