Ray J Leaks Private DMs With Kim Kardashian On IG Live [Video]

Ray J Leaks Private DMs With Kim Kardashian On IG Live [Video]

Ray J has had enough of the narrative surrounding his sex tape with Kim Kardashian. The singer hopped on Instagram Live Saturday night, where he attempted to clear up some of the rumors that painted him in a negative light. 

In addition to sharing his text messages with Kanye West and the Vivid Entertainment contracts for the 2007 sex tape, the singer also exposed his DMs with Kardashian. Before showing the DMs, he shows his followers that the messages come from Kardashian’s verified Instagram account. 

Ray J reached out to the SKIMS founder first, accusing her of trying to ruin him. Several times he wrote, “You know what we did,” in all caps. At one point, Ray J points out that the 66-year-old momager was the one who controlled the sex tape deal between them and Joe Francis and Vivid Entertainment founder Steve Hirsch. 

Ray J Shares DMs with Kim K

“I am happy to hear that you’re doing well and congratulations on your beautiful family. In regards to your last message, did you actually watch the episode because I didn’t say a single bad thing about you?” Kardashian wrote, referring to The Kardashians episode. “The show filmed in real time the day in hell that I had with my lawyers when your manager threatened to release another tape that doesn’t exist — and my son who was 5 years old at the time seeing an ad with my cry face emoji that said ‘Kim’s new sex tape’ as click bate in Roblox. It was upsetting to have to deal with as I am sure you can understand how that feels.”

Kardashian is referring to Ray J’s manager, Wack 100, who claimed he had a copy of a second sex tape that Kardashian made with Ray J. 

Ray J Shares DMs with Kim K

“My burn them to the ground comment was a generalization to anyone threatening to hold this over my head 20 years later,” Kardashian clarified. “We are both parents now with young kids and careers and I’m sure you want to move on from this just like I do.”

She gives him a heads up that the following episode features footage of West bringing her the laptop with the supposed additional sex tape footage. She lets him know that he is portrayed positively. 

Ray J skips over his response, instead only showing us Kardashian’s responses to what he wrote. Throughout the back-and-forth messages, Kardashian refers to “controlling the narrative” and issuing statements from her team.

Ray J Shares DMs with Kim K

“Just spoke to my team,” she wrote. “We will get something out tomorrow morning to clarify that this was a joke, and you would never have done something like this.” She then apologizes for how it affected Ray J.

In another message, Kardashian tells Ray J that once the episode with Ye saying he got the laptop back airs, her team would put out a statement to give context to the situation. “We can make it really positive,” she wrote. She also asks him to put his anger with Ye aside because engaging will only make it worse, again saying her team would handle it. 

Kardashian is clearly in damage control mode. At one point, she suggests the team up to buy back the sex tape and have it removed from the internet. “Are you comfortable with the story that we are working together to try to have the tape removed from the internet?” she asks Ray J. Kardashian refers to the story she is crafting as “powerful.”

At one point, she even suggests they hire a joining attorney. Ray J immediately questions if it’s real. “But are we really trying to do it?” he asks.

“You believing the lie too much,” Ray J says as he reads the messages out loud. 

The two agree to talk again after the episode airs. Ray J says he watched the episode and was shocked when Kanye made it seem like he and Kardashian were “getting extorted” for the old footage. He questions how this would paint him in a positive light. 

And while it seemed like the two left off on ok terms in the DMs, Jenner’s lie-detector test clearly brought up a lot of feelings for Ray J.

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