Real Love & Hip Hop Drama Featuring Rich Dollaz, Erica Mena & Rich’s Baby Mama

I’m just going to copy & paste this Baller Mail as it came in, unedited. All I know is if this is what we can expect from Love & Hip Hop NY’s next season, I’ll be tuning in.


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Apparently Rich Dollaz has been craving for attention and so has Erica Mena because he and Erica have been PURPOSELY creating the story of them being a couple (like anyone cares – a crybaby and a crackhead) just for a little spotlight but that’s not where the story get’s interesting. The other night it appears that twitter got a bit interesting as Rich Dollaz baby’s mom Chaundrea Nicolle, from Memphis, TN took to twitter. Word on the street is Rich is still refusing to give up those Dollaz to Chaundrea Nicolle, the mother of his twelve year old daughter in which he disowned in the media then later claimed he offered a DNA to Chaundrea Nicolle (as shown on the but Chaundrea Nicolle quickly exposed him as a huge liar when she revealed a text of him telling her that he didn’t even want a DNA test! She also revealed other texts where it showed the Rich Dollaz we know is only for TV and that what he did to Samaya saw was the real Rich. He belittled the woman in his texts as he bragged about being on love and hip hop and in magazines (again who cares – seems like he has some esteem issues).

You’d think that would be enough but that’s not where the drama just begins. Apparently Rich’s real life ignorance caused Chaundrea to take it to twitter as she shouted out Olivia and Erica for allowing him to manage them. We all know the potty mouth Erica whose known for jabbing at people with low blows (insulting Kimbella for airtime) couldn’t let that one slide. Erica then took a stab at Rich Dollaz baby mama who gave her a run for her money and shut her up (we all should thank her for that).

You’d think that would be the end but according to an interview Chaundrea Nicolle did with she’s been trying to locate Rich Dollaz for years to establish parentage and child support but he runs.


And if that wasn’t enough Chaundrea has support of the Mama Jones who she is seen with her in this video while they are at MAMA JONES HOUSE.


According to a source that is very close to Chaundrea Nicolle, the recent heat began when she advised him of their court date and instead of owning up to his responsibility, he started to try to play nice. He asked for their child to move to ATL with his dad then threatened to take the child just to keep from paying child support. We looked at Chaundrea Nicolle’s twitter page and according to her, Rich has been creating twitter pages just to harrass her.

Think that’s not enough, apparently he missed a party with the hoe, I mean crackhead, I mean Erica, this past Friday because of him drinking too much early. But that wasn’t that case. Apparently Chaundrea Nicolle embarrassed him by having him served with court documents outside of the party before he even got in.

You would think that Rich would take the hint but as we all know he’s a few roots short of a tree because according to Chaundrea Nicolle’s twitter page he then took to a fake twitter page to tweet her and again she responded and exposed him for his lies once again.

If I was the guy, I’d just just do the right thing because it’s sound like this baby mama isn’t playing.

I think this was sent in by Rich’s baby mama (or one of them at least), but who knows? Either way it’s drama waiting to happen.

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