Reality TV Recap: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood (Season 1 Episode 1)

Last night was the premiere episode of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and it was a full hour of pure DRAMA! The show begins with Teairra Mari and her room mate Hazel-E kicking it poolside discussing how Teairra had to find out through blogs that Ray J left her for another woman. That other woman being Floyd Mayweather’s ex, Princess Love. According to Teairra, Ray J moves Princess into the house they shared without her even knowing, regardless of the fact that 8 months later, Teairra’s stuff is still there. Teairra tells Hazel that she is going to stop by Ray’s home to get her stuff, and that she does.

We get introduced to Ray J who, along with his assistant Morgan, is planning a launch party for RayJ.com. Morgan is surprised to see Teairra’s name on the guest list, considering that the last time Ray & Teairra saw each other, Teairra assaulted him. Ray J assures Morgan that the launch party will be a success and that there will be no trouble from Teairra. If you’ve been paying attention to the blog in the last few months, you know the lie detector test determined that was a lie. 

Teairra arrives at Ray J’s house to come pick up her things but it’s clear her personal items aren’t the only things she’s worried about. She confronts Ray J about tossing her to the side and moving another woman in his home. Ray J feels the relationship was toxic. He says Teairra can’t control her temper and gets violent so he had to back out of the relationship. He tells her that he felt they were headed for destruction and assures her that when he got with Princess, it was NOT while they were still together. Teairra asks Ray J if he’s happy, to which he says he is. Teairra admits that she hasn’t been happy since he left and is still hurting. Cue the tears. 

Teairra pours her heart out to Ray but it’s clear he’s over the relationship and happy where he’s at. Teairra questions him about the whereabouts of her Chanel bag and Ray says he doesn’t know where it could be. It could be at his mom’s house or Princess could have thrown it away. Is this the same bag Princess instagramed months back that contained Vagisil, BV pills, Monistat 7 and other feminine items? Looks like things are starting to add up. 

The night of Ray’s party arrives and everything seems to be going well until Teairra arrives with Hazel. Teairra is 11 drinks in and has one thing on her mind, starting trouble. She sees Ray J and quickly approaches him about her missing bag. She tells him that if Princess did indeed throw her bag away, she wants Ray to cut a check. I’m not sure how much Vagisil, BV capsules and Monistat costs but Teairra is adamant about being reimbursed. Ray J tells her it isn’t happening to which Princess walks up poking fun at Teairra and her feminine hygiene problems. A drunk Teairra isn’t here for the games and that’s when all hell breaks loose. Of course we couldn’t get all the goods in one episode so we’ll have to see the actual fight go down on the next episode. 

Next we are introduced to Omarion and Apryl. Although we know the two have given birth to their first child, at the time of taping Apryl is pregnant and she and O are attending a routine prenatal appointment. Omarion expresses to Apryl that he would have loved to have his mother, Miss Leslie, there but Apryl knows the deal — ever since she got pregnant Miss Leslie doesn’t see it for her.  Omarion tries to convince Apryl that it’s not personal and that his mom doesn’t really hate her but Apryl isn’t trying to hear it. After some convincing from O, Apryl agrees to reach out to Miss Leslie and have a conversation in hopes of patching things up for the sake of the baby. 

As requested by her man, Apryl finally has that talk with Omarion’s mom and it doesn’t go well. Miss Leslie finally tells Apryl what her problem is. Leslie, who is a celebrity hairstylist, got sick and has problems with seizures. Because of that she can’t work as much. Omarion picked up the slack and helped pay for her medical bills and living expenses. When Omarion and Apryl moved further away to Hollywood the money slowed down and eventually stopped. She says even Omarion’s attitude changed and he stopped accepting her phone calls. She blames Apryl for this.

Finally we get to my favorite part. Dru aka Lil Fizz formerly of B2K. Anyone who knows me knows I was a teeny bopper for B2K something vicious as a kid and Lil Fizz still looks great. He has an adorable 4 year old son that he took time away from music to take care of. Anxious to get back to work he links up with former groupmate, Omarion. They both talk about the disbandment of B2K 10 years ago and how they are trying to grow passed the boyband box. Then Fizz opens up about his baby mama drama. He talks about the turmoil surrounding he and Moniece’s inability to co-parent and how things went down hill around the time their son was 6 or 7 months old. He told a story of Moniece bashing his car windows in with a car seat because he tried to take the baby. After an intense custody battle Fizz was awarded temporary full custody of their son for a year and a half. Though they have joint custody now, Fizz still has their son full time because Moniece, who is a struggling R&B singer and entrepreneur,  doesn’t have a stable place to stay. 

Speaking of Moniece, we get introduced to her and her latest endeavors. She seems like a cool girl but quickly in hearing her introduce herself, you get the feel that she is the type of person that does a lot and doesn’t stick to anything long term. Currently she’s working on a sex toy line. Moniece links up with Ray J’s assistant Morgan, who she’s known for a few years, and updates her on her life. She mentions to Morgan that the custody battle is over and that she and Fizz have joint custody of their son, though her son lives primarily with Fizz. She also admits that she has no idea where Fizz lives. At this point I’m confused. There’s NO WAY someone would have my son and I wouldn’t at least have their address. According to Moniece, when Fizz had a restraining on her (which was later thrown out), he decided to move and not make her aware of his location. Moniece says that whenever she tries to call Fizz to check on her son, he ignores her calls. These two have the epitome of a dysfunctional parenting relationship and it makes me thank God everyday I am nowhere near as f*cked up.

After getting advice from Morgan, Moniece pays Fizz a surprise visit at the studio. Fizz doesn’t seem especially happy to see her but he agrees to sit down and talk to Moniece about their son. Moneice expresses her displeasure with Fizz ignoring her phone calls when she’s just trying to check in on her child. Fizz reminds Moniece that although they have joint custody, their son is only with her one day every two weeks and she needs to focus on getting her life together. I don’t know what it is but in hearing Moniece speak, she seems rather delusional. According to her she had to make certain sacrifices. But as a mother, I couldn’t imagine my child ever being a sacrifice. If you’ve watched the episode, I’m interested in your thoughts on Moniece. She seems like a decent girl but she doesn’t seem to have it all together. At least that’s the first impression I get. I could be wrong. She should definitely be happy that her child has a father that doesn’t mind being more hands on and responsible because she seems a little unstable and all over the place. 

Soulja Boy and his girlfriend Nia Riley make their entrance into Supperclub where Soulja is hosting and it also happens to be Nia’s birthday. For those who don’t know, Nia Riley is the daughter of Blackstreet & Guy’s Teddy Riley and she is a spitting image of her father. Anyway, during the party Nia wants Soulja to define their relationship. The two have dated off and on for 8 years and she’s finally ready to put a title on it. Nia wants the groupies and the hoes gone. Soulja Boy promises to do better and with that, agrees to let Nia and her 1 year old daughter move in with him. From bachelor pad to family man? I don’t know how well this is going to work.

So far, episode 1 didn’t skimp on the drama. Make sure you tune in to VH1 every Monday night for Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

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