Reality TV Recap: Sorority Sisters: Season 1, Episode 4

On last night’s episode of Sorority Sisters, Lydia and Priyanka went to Shoe Lounge in Atlanta to check out some hot shoes. Lydia found some shoes she liked and they had her size but Priyanka was upset because they did not have her size, a size 11, and that is the reason she is creating “Priyanka’s Palace”, a shoe line for women with feet size 9 and up — which I think is a great idea.

Next, Cat, who is assistant to Derek Blanks’, one of Atlanta’s hottest photographers in the country, is ready to branch out on her own. She says she has been doing photography for ten years and assisting Derek for two. Derek’s very handsome other assistant Tony asks Cat if she’s spoken to Derek about branching out on her own and she tells him she hasn’t. Car said she’s always had photography jobs even during college breaks and she’s always been an assistant. Cat says she has plans of opening her own photography studio. She says her modeling experience with April was disastrous because of April and Adrene’s arguing.

Speaking of those two, Adrene and Ms. April meet up for drinks. April began their meeting by telling Adrene how cute she looks today and Adrene snidely says that she looks cute everyday. April begins to tell Adrene how she doesn’t like how she displayed herself in her business and neither did she like the way Adrene displayed herself at her boutique. Adrene calls April shady and April says “she’s not shady, she start shaded.” April calls Adrene a liar, the devil, a two dollar hooker, the lost generation and a drag queen. Adrene had a few comebacks of her own before April walked out.

MeToya, Shanna and Adrene all go golfing and of course, Adrene tells the girls about her lunch date with April. Adrene said she didn’t have an agenda but April was throwing her unnecessary shade. Shanna talked about how April questioned her at the tea and was unfriendly. MeToya asked Adrene was she sure she didn’t start any I the drama because she knows that Adrene could be too much.  Adrene finally admits that she did call April a few names, too.

Veronica takes her sister Grace bridesmaid dress shopping and begins to discuss how her fiancé isn’t taking interest in the wedding planning. Grace assures her that’s just how men are. Veronica and her sister discuss her long distance relationship and how they want to spend more time together.  Veronica also tells her sister about how she was offended by Priyanka insinuating she was living off her man’s money.

Priyanka visits Adrene’s “House of Adrene” to talk about her shoe line business. She wanted to come to her sorror first and Adrene said she had a few minutes but cut the conversation short and told Priyanka she doesn’t usually sit and speak with individual designers. She told Priyanka this is how the big leagues are. Is Adrene’s business really considered “big leagues”? Adrene tells Priyanka to check out her store and see if it’s a fit and then she hands Priyanka a business card to make an appointment.

April has Cat and a friend over her home while she’s styling a client and tells the girls about meeting up with Adrene. She says Adrene came in, eyes glossed over like she was on something and her voice morphed when she said she looks good everyday. Cat discussed having House of Couture as a client and the sources she would be offering. April agreed to work with her sometime.

Veronica and her fiancé Jesse checked out some cupcakes for their wedding because they’ve opted out of the traditional wedding cake. Veronica even told Jesse about Priyanka and what she said about him being the man with the money.

Next, Cat has to tell Derek that she has plans of stepping out on her own and opening her own photography studio so she asks to speak with him and began to tell him her ideas. He asks her will she still be working with him and how long has she been thinking about leaving. She says in a matter of weeks and he wishes her all the best. He told her to make him proud. Cat was very emotional and happy with the conversation.

Next is the “Come On I Wanna Lei Ya” party and Veronica introvert her fiancé to all of the ladies. Priyanka was shocked that Veronica’s man was fine. Veronica pulls Priyanka aside and voices how she was left with a sour taste in her mouth after the auditions because of Priyanka discrediting her work ethic by saying her man must provide the money. Priyanka became upset and defensive saying she asked Veronica did she offend her and Priyanka made a crazy face and said No. Sometimes it takes a minute to analyze the situation then you realize how it made you feel and I think that is what happened in this situation. Lydia pulled Priyanka away from the conversation. The funny part was when Veronica called Priyanka, Hurricane Lashes.

Later in the show, Priyanka wants to speak to Adrene and Priyanka continues to tell Adrene that older Deltas are supposed to look out for the younger Deltas but Adrene had an air about her. I could understand where she’s coming from with that and Priyanka warns Adrene not to be disrespectful or sideways because she’s trying to be genuine. Priyanka continues to say she’s full throttle and Adrene isn’t going to fall for it, she says the sooner Priyanka follow the queendom, she will get it. Adrene says she isn’t going to waste time with someone who takes character accusations against her. Priyanka gets all in Adrene face, telling her she’s all talk and she won’t pop off then walks away. Adrene tells Priyanka when she’s ready to have a grown woman conversation then they could speak. Priyanka was a little drunk. Lydia saves the day again by pulling Priyanka away.

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