Now you know I live for award shows. They’re nothing more than concerts with special awards being handed out. This years show I must say was one of the better ones I’ve watched from BET in a while. Queen Latifah held it down as the host incorporating all of the many characters she’s played over the years.

I’m not so much interested in who wins what awards, however those individuals who won deserved it based on the type of year that they had. Alicia Keys, Drake, Trey, even down to Ms. Animated; Nicki Minaj. The performances are what keep my attention & the most anticipated was that of Kanye West. Opening up with his current single, Power, just gave a preview of whats to come from Mr. West. Diddy & his two sidekicks, Dawn & Kalenna tore it down as well. El DeBarge took us down memory lane with his medley of hits. Each set Nicki Minaj was apart of played her far to the left with the sound. I’m sure the sound guy has lost his job. Drake had a decent performance.

Overall of all those who performed, its safe to say Chris Brown’s dwindling career was resuscitated with the most fitting tribute to the late Michael Jackson. He IS the only artist who can give Michael his just do. Speaking of tributes, Prince couldn’t have been any happier with the all female cast of artists’ who sang all the hits.

Alicia Keys & her pre-motherhood glow is sooooo cute. For the record, she & Swizz look happy so props to that union. (I’m sure others feel differently, but….)

There’s plenty more I can go on about in regards to the show, but I’ll leave that up to you guys. My twitter timeline was going off like the 4th of July, so go ahead & post your comments via this post. Who was the best/worst performances of the night for you guys?

In the meantime, take a look at the pictures, some from the red carpet, some performance shots & of course the most fitting tribute performance from Chris Brown in tribute to MJ!


Chris Brown




Kim Coles

Nick Cannon


Nicki Minaj

Nia Long & Larenz Tate


Trey Songz

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