The BET awards always brings out the best. This one was supposed to be extra special because they were dedicating the show to Michael Jackson who passed a couple days again due to cardiac arrest. They really didn’t have time to change the whole show. I can’t really put my finger on it.

My thoughts:

I have no words on the pre-show. I just feel sorry for our kids. This is the music they have to look up too.

*New Edition sounded awful but their dance moves were on point.

*Jamie Fox did a better tribute to MJ than New Edition. He moonwalked his ass off

*Neyo did a great tribute to MJ

*Who knew Keke could sing?

*Keri’s performance was subpar – she could have left that last thing out.

*I could have done without Soulja boy performance – that was borderline disrespect

*Beyonce’s performance was flawless – didn’t understand that veil on her head but I loved the songs that she dedicated to MJ.

*Ciara – ???

*Keysha Cole and Monica – ok

*Jay-Z performance was cool – death to autotune..I agree!

*Jamie Foxx must have done the show for free in exchange to promote his tour

*Don Corneilius still holding on – great to see him – he was on his death bed from cancer and bounced back. He is an icon.

*O’Jays Tribute- I almost shit in my pants when they called Tevin Campbell’s name. Tyrese, Trey, and Johnny did a great job singing the OJ’s. They might need to form a group..might be a good look for all of their careers. The O’Jays did their thing like they always do. One of the old groups that still sound the same.

*Debra Lee words were very sincere about MJ

*Alicia Keys doing her thing giving back. I love that…

*What was going on with Ving? He was lunchin out. The Tarenji and Tyrese skit was cute. The most niggadom line of the night was “guns is Michael Jackson..guns is the BET music awards”

*Maxwell performance was great. He still has it…

*Why would they name an organization Food From The Hood?

*I wish I never seen how Drake looked. Great artist though. – His performance along with Lil Wayne could have been axed from the show. Why did they have kids on the stage? I don’t understand. I’m still lost from watching that bullshit!

*Janet Jackson coming on stage had me speechless – RIP Mike

*The Michael Jackson tribute – still waiting for it!

Red Carpet

Tyra Banks – this is a different look for her

Aleesha Renee (bet personality)

Alicia Keys – I love the look

Anthony Anderson with his daughter?

A blast from the past – Arsenio Hall

Beyonce/Sasha Fierce

Carmelo Anthony – Love the MJ shirt

Chaka Khan


Day 26 paying homage to MJ


Doug Christie and his wife..and I’m assuming his daughter

Do we like Estelle’s look?

What is Fornzworth doing? Seriously…

MJ daddy – Joe Jackson

Get it Amber…along with her man Kanye

Keke all grown up

Keri – do you like her dress?


Lance Gross

Who told Letoya to blow a kiss?

Lil Mama *blank stare*

Lisa Raye – I wonder were Rosci was?

Mario I don’t understand…

Something is missing Omarosa…

Ray J

Taraji – her shoutout was funny about rotation of Baby Boy

Vanessa Huxtable in dee house


Zoe Saldana

Tatyana Ali

Sean Kingston

Adrienne Bailon


Stephen Hill (BET)

Here are some highlights of the show:

In my opinion they should have dedicated the show to Mike and kept it the same. The fact that the tribute to MJ was non-existent left a bad taste in my mouth. This was not a good look BET.

My BA fam please leave your thoughts on the show…

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