Many might argue Biggie was the furthest thing from a legend, however, let it be known he was far beyond his time lyrically. Its funny most stuff we hear these days is straight candy rap. No substance, that is of course from the newer generation of the cool kids. I’d rather listen to two cats welling in the alley than subject my ears to such garbage.

What wasn’t to like about Christopher Wallace? He brought “style” to this rap shit. No one was checking for material labels until the age of Big Poppa. Blacker than the blackberry, Biggie in his own right was sexy. Personality for days that bled through his lyrics. A smile that captivated many. However, he died just as he was beginning to reach his prime. If you ask me, Biggie is the greatest rapper of all time. Those who bear the title of “greatest rapper” now is surely by default. But what do I know? I’m no hip-hop enthusiast, but I do know a little something here about music.

Here we are 13 yrs later & he perhaps is the most quoted rapper of all time. His mark will forever be praised. Reflect on his life, his legacy & what he did for the rap game. He was definitely a one of one.

He’s got classics for days. I could go on & on about how much I loved Biggie, but I won’t. I’m sure many of you share the same sentiments.

Always remember, “Stay Far From Timid, Only Make Moves When Ya Hearts in it, Live the Phase Sky’s the Limit, Mothafucker, See You Chumps ON TOP!

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