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The finale to J Prince Jr.’s birthday celebration was just as epic as the beginning. How do you top the Meek Mill “Welcome Home Concert”? Simple, you get the Boss, Rick Ross, to blaze the stage. Limelight was the place to be on Sunday. Powered by #GoodFellas and #BossManWoody, the pandemonium was insane. Attendance was mandatory. Early arrival was so necessary. The line was wrapped around the building at 9:30 p.m. Only one DJ could provide the soundtrack for the night. That’s right, you guessed it! DJ Mr. Rogers  was on the 1’s and 2’s. The ladies were feeling themselves. Bottle wars had Limelight lit up like the fourth of July. Meek Mill  had the crowd going bananas ( Don’t believe me…check out the footage on the site).If I say a movie was made, it might just be an understatement.

Whisked in, Rozay presence announced his arrival. Cloaked in all black, Mr. Bel-Air Rose , doused the crowd with his brawny bars. “B.M.F” had everyone in the club feeling like they were apart of the MMG family.  With the energy being on 10,  it was only right that the Dream Chaser, Meek Mill,  did the encore performance of “Ima Boss” with Ross. The way the venue was jumping, it was all slow motion for me. What I thought would be a simple performance turned out to be round two of Meek Mill’s “Welcome Home Concert”.  It goes without saying that “Dreams and Nightmares”  was a crowd favorite.   “They gon’ remember me, I say remember me” [Meek Mill (Dreams And Nightmares)]. If that was the Dream Chaser’s objective, he hit his target. It was one of the craziest shows I’ve attended.  Salute!


If you missed it, I feel sorry for you! You might want to pull out your calendar and pencil in the next event. And pack yourself some B-12. You will need it.




Check out some of the footage below.

 Meek Mill Kicking The Night Off

Rick Ross Performing “B.M.F.”

Rick Ross and Meek Mill Performing “Ima Boss”

Bottle Service On Stage : Round 1

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-Niko Rose



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