Robyn Dixon Gets Grilled By Andy Cohen For Hiding Infidelity Issues On 'RHOP' [Video]

Robyn Dixon Gets Grilled By Andy Cohen For Hiding Infidelity Issues On ‘RHOP’ [Video]

Robyn Dixon was in the hot seat last night on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen for a well-deserved chat about what’s happening.

Dixon endured Cohen’s wrath after her storyline this season was attacking other people’s marriages along with Gizelle Bryant. Once Karen Huger revealed on the show that Dixon’s now-husband Juan had a girlfriend and was frolicking around Georgetown with the blonde woman, Dixon took to her podcast with Bryant to address the claims.

On Sunday’s episode, the Bravo executive inquired about Dixon’s decision to avoid the topic of infidelity yet point out the other housewife’s mishaps.

Robyn said Juan was “an idiot and communicated with this woman on Instagram,” to the point that the woman was supposedly flying into Maryland because she was dating a Baltimore Ravens football player. However, because she and Juan were in communication, she asked him to pay for her hotel bill when she lost her wallet and was in “distraught,” according to Robyn.

Cohen called “BS” on the story, saying it sounds like “BS” to viewers as well, to which she responded, “When I found out about it, it sounded like BS to me. But I believe him,” Robyn said, adding of her husband, “I believe him.”

Robyn maintains that Juan went “to the hotel” and put “his card down at the counter, and that’s it.”

Then Cohen called Robyn out on her decision to withhold information on the podcast behind a paywall when she is on a reality show.

“I didn’t withhold. It’s not about withholding information. It was because this information was given last week or the week before on a blog,” said Robyn. “And my problem was the woman was telling lies and trying to expose us. She was telling lies and I felt like I need to expose the lies,” she responded.

Dixon will have a post-interview with Andy Cohen once the reunion airs, as this has been the revelation from The Real Housewives of Potomac.

Over the weekend, “Fire Robyn” was trending on Twitter and is continuing to trend.

Producer Carlos King took to YouTube to highlight everything wrong with RHOP and Robyn lying about the entire situation, pointing fingers at other housewives, and adding that he would have fired Robyn.

Fans had compared other housewives leaving franchises after keeping their lives off limits when production started, like Phaedra Parks, Kenya Moore, and many more, believing Robyn needs to go next.

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