Rupert Murdoch Gets COVID-19 Vaccine Day Before Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Railed Against Its Rollout

Rupert Murdoch Gets COVID-19 Vaccine Day Before Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Railed Against Its Rollout

Rupert Murdoch, News Corp Executive Chairman, got his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine this week, one day before Fox News host Tucker Carlson publicly doubted the vaccine’s rollout.

According to The Guardian, Murdoch received his initial dose at a doctor’s office in Henley Oxfordshire on Wednesday. He is one of many public figures who received the vaccine since its scarce distribution. Among that list is actor Ian McKellen and VP Mike Pence.

Murdoch has since released a statement thanking the “keyworkers and the [National Health Service] staff who have worked so hard throughout the pandemic, and the amazing scientists who have made this vaccine possible.” His age placed him on the UK’s priority list to receive the vaccine sooner than others.

According to the news outlet, citizens 80 and over fall right after front-line health care workers to get the vaccine.

Murdoch is also the chairman of Fox Corp., but some members of the Fox News team have conflicting opinions on the vaccine. Fox News host Tucker Carlson told his listeners earlier this week that they should be concerned with the vaccines “marketing campaign” although he’s in favor of the vaccine, he feels, “It feels false because it is. It’s too slick.” He’s also spoken more than once on an already widely debunked conspiracy theory involving Bill and Melinda Gates.

He’s not alone. Other Fox hosts have repeatedly slammed the “propaganda” of safety officials and experts on the coronavirus and recommending shutdowns.

Health experts and incoming president Joe Biden have warned that the vaccine may not be effective if enough people decide not to take it. Research studies have found that a significant amount of the public has stated they may not take it due to the mistrust of the vaccine. One main concern is that it was just produced and distributed too quickly when compared to other vaccines.

Donald Trump has yet to get his dose of the vaccine. Apparently, the therapies he’s been getting for his own coronavirus case are still proving effective.

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