Safaree Samuels And Erica Mena Clap Back At Khia After She Calls Them “Broke’ For Joining OnlyFans

Khia, Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels are beefing after the former rapper called the couple “broke” for starting OnlyFans and alleged PornHub accounts.

Back in April, Samuels announced that he would be joining OnlyFans, a site that caters mostly to adult entertainment and artists. Shortly after, amid the coronavirus pandemic, Mena also signed up for the website. This is where Khia reportedly took issue with the couple who just got married and welcomed a baby.

Khia went to her YouTube show “Khia Gaga Order” to express her feelings about the couple’s decisions. She kicked off her drag, asking,  “didn’t these motherf***ers just get married not even a year ago and have a newborn baby girl and theses mother***ers making fans only and Porn Hub account.” She then said, “We the people want to know why you two motherf***ers got married and out her dry begging?” As she continued, Khia then called out the couple over their choice to join the x-rated websites despite them saying they are financially healthy. “Ya’ll putting on for the gram and acting like you have all this god damn money and can’t pay your bills.”

Khia took the criticisms up a notch when she mentioned the couple’s newborn daughter. She claimed Mena’s breasts have “dried up” and that she can’t “afford milk for her baby,” which she said is why Mena is following Samuel’s actions. The rapper went on to say that Mena only joined OnlyFans and PornHub because she allegedly felt left out.

She then asked Mena, “You would rather be a hoe than to breastfeed your “mother***ing child? Safaree set up a page, and you didn’t want to be outdone, so you set up a freak page?” Said Khia. “We the people want to know how you just got married and bored with each other already,” exclaimed the rapper.

The couple has since fired back at Khia’s words by checking her about their finances. “Hey someone go tell that fake ass India irie I made 6 figures in 2 weeks, and if she needs help during this quarantine I’m down to help her so she can get a batter looking camera,” Samuel’s said with a post showing his gross income of $94,906. Mena’s came out to $42,357.59.

“This was just in the beginning of My first WEEK. What I used to post on IG for free And let’s get this very clear I’m doing this just for FUN. Didn’t think living my happily married life would cause a major crack head to have such an issue. But since it’s a topic of discussion. Thanks to all my Onlyfans subscribers. I got ne content on the way. And since we so broke and can’t pay our bills If you haven’t already subscribed to only FYI We married Not Dead Miserable Zoo Animal,” said Mena.

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