San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker Injured in Drake Brawl.. Drake Is Going To Jail, W.i.P Closed


Witnesses are coming forth left and right talking about who started the massive brawl that hurt Chris Brown, his body guard Pat and numerous other people. I also heard Karreauche (Chris Brown’s girlfriend) was injured.


Adding to the list baller Tony Parker was hurt:


San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker says he suffered a scratched retina in one of his eyes during a New York City nightclub brawl involving singer Chris Brown and members of hip-hop star Drake’s entourage.

Parker, wearing dark sunglasses, described the incident Friday in Paris during a news conference posted on YouTube. He said he expects to be sidelined for about a week while the French team prepares for the London Olympics.

Parker said he was wearing a “therapeutic” contact lens and had to go to an emergency room for treatment after arriving in Paris.

Said Parker: “I was with my friend Chris Brown, and me and my friends took some punches, so I’ll be missing the start of the French team because I can’t do anything for a week except keep the lens in and then take drops.”

Police said Brown, his girlfriend and his bodyguard were among several people injured during the bottle-hurling fight early Thursday at W.i.P in SoHo.

“They started throwing bottles everywhere,” Parker said. “I don’t know what happened. At first it was OK, but then it started getting worse and when the plane landed it was really hurting so I went straight to the ER.”


This dude in the video below will probably be summons to court. He immediately goes to youtube and tells an eyewitness account of what happened which included Drake poppin Chris with a bottle.

Boy times have changed…


Looks like Drake is going to jail soon and will probably have to pay up. Of course Drake is denying everything, after he sobered up he probably realized his actions which might result to jail time and being banned from coming into the United States. My question is…who amped him up to be a thug??? Sigh


Furthermore… Drake got the club closed down 🙁

The club where Drake and Chris Brown got into their bloody bottle brawl was shuttered by the NYPD Saturday night right before dozens of dressed-up wannabe club-goers arrived.

W.i.P. — and the Greenhouse were it is located — were closed by the Civil Enforcement Unit for a host of code violations, cops said.

The violations, which were not immediately revealed, were discovered after authorities investigated the fight between Drake and Brown early Thursday.

“This is crap,” fumed Amanda Olsen, 32, who came from Chicago with her girlfriend, Kiona Baker, to celebrate Baker’s 26th birthday.

“It ruined her birthday, we’re pretty angry,” Olsen said.

Ryan Gordon, 31, is visiting the city for the first time from Phoenix with a group of friends.

“We heard it was a really cool club and thought to come by. We’re all dressed up nice for this place and now we have to go to a regular bar.”

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