Scorned Hollywood Ex’s Mashonda (Swizz Beats) & Alexis Phifer (Kanye) Pen Juicy Tell All?

Word around the internet is that the exes of Swizz Beats and Kanye West are looking to pen a tell-all as well as join the cast of VH1’s Hollywood Ex’s next year. The reality show is all fine and good but didn’t Mashonda attempt this with Love & Hip Hop season 1 and her role became nothing more than a dry 2-episode cameo. Check out what “Sources” are saying:

According to Bossip

The sources are talking and of course we are listening. The source alleges that Alexis and Mashonda are working on a book and maybe a reality show to show life after Swizz and Kanye .

We sure hope it is true. Seeing as how they were BOTH done DIRTY. Kanye is now with Alexis’s former bestfriend Kim Kardashian while Swizz is married to someone he brought in his home as a artist and friend. The source went on to say the producers from HOLLYWOOD EXES are looking at them for season 2.

I’d like an order of two “hoes sit down” with a side of “girl stop!” please? Mashonda missed her opportunity to drag Swizz and Alicia when she had a 2-episode pity party of one on Love & Hip Hop. She said nothing. She did nothing. She was dry. What else could she have to say in this tell-all? Alexis is about 5 years late with her tell-all. Most people forgot she even existed and Kanye was pretty tame with her. I expected more from her but as Kanye continues this fake relationship with Kim Kardashian, Alexis starts to look more and more bitter. If my mind serves me correctly, didn’t she say Kanye put his hands on her? Five years + later. Unless either of these women have some true tea, I’m not here for anything they have to say. Let these men enjoy the lives they’ve happily moved on to and enjoy the obscurity you have happily drifted in to. Deal?

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