A Nurse and Several Disney Workers Among 17 Arrested Following Undercover Investigation Into Child Sex Scheme: ‘These Are Nasty, Nasty, Nasty People’

Several Disney workers have been arrested following an undercover investigation into a child sex scheme. 

A six-day probe named “Operation Child Protector” led to the arrests of 17 people who were allegedly involved in trafficking children in the state and other areas. WFLA reports Polk County Sherriff’s confirmed that 16 suspects were from Clewiston, Davenport, Kissimmee, Orlando, Polk City, and Zephyrhills. One of the alleged perverts was from the Los Angeles area. 

Sheriff Grady Judd says all the suspects attempted to engage in sexual activity with what they thought was a child or a minor. Officers staged themselves as children online to lure in the suspects. Some of the alleged perverts worked at Disney World. 

“These are nasty, nasty, nasty people, and when we go through this, understand that obviously, we can’t even use the words they used,” Judd said. “We obviously can’t show you the pictures and the video clips that they sent to what they thought were 13-year-old little girls and little boys.”

Two of the suspects are a couple; Savannah and Jonathan McGrew. Their vile plan was to roleplay as stepparents and have a threesome with a 13-year-old girl. Both of the two were custodians at Walt Disney Hollywood Studios. “Are you kidding me? That’s how you’re talking to 13-year-old children,” Judd said. Another one of the suspects was a nurse. 

The list of perverts includes Kenneth Javier Aquino, 26; Irving Oliver,41; Jarrod Justice, 33; Lior Enbar, 31; Joshua Ortega, 30; Julio Enrique Cedeno, Jr., 45; Juan Guadalupe-Arroyo Carlos Flores, 36; Enrique Medina, 47; Adam Smith, 30; Jeremiah Davis, 27; Thomas Snyder, 44; David Ring, 34; Philip Nelson, 27; Jonathan McGrew, 34; Savannah Lawrence, 29 and Edward McGaffigan, 37.

They all have been given 48 felony charges and two misdemeanor child sex and abuse crimes. Nine of them have already had a criminal history. 

Suspects In Child Sex Sting
Suspects In Child Sex Sting

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