Shake Shack & Slutty Vegan Partnering For New “SluttyShack” Burger

Shake Shack & Slutty Vegan Partnering For New “SluttyShack” Burger

Shake Shack has partnered up with Atlanta-based restaurant Slutty Vegan for an exclusive vegan burger.

The burger has been deemed the “SluttyShack.” It consists of a Shake Shack veggie patty topped with Slutty Vegan founder and chef, Pinky Cole’s original Slut Dust, caramelized onions, lemon ginger kale, vegan ranch, and vegan mayo on Slutty Vegan’s beloved toasted Hawaiian bun.

The vegan burger will arrive at Shake Shack Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta on Thursday, April 8. Shake Shack Harlem in New York City will have the SluttyShack available on Thursday, April 8, and Friday, April 9.

Cole said that the partnership’s goal is not to force people to go vegan but instead inspire them to try something new.

“Partnering with Shake Shack is a natural way of furthering this mission. Enjoy one of America’s most beloved burger spots, but try it with a twist,” Cole said.

Proceeds from the collab will go towards Giving Kitchen in Atlanta, a crisis relief group for individuals working in the food and beverage industry. ROAR in New York will also benefit from the SluttyShack to further their advocating efforts for the NYC restaurant industry.

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