Should You Give Up On Your Baller?

You both talked, kicked it, have been in touch, even spent a night together, but you can’t quite pin him down. He’s always promising to call you back, but never does. He doesn’t call often. He likes to text mostly. When he does, it’s steamy. He gets you riled up again thinking of possibilities. You’re not a jump off, because he hasn’t been jumping on you for a while. You’re not a mistress because he doesn’t “keep” you. So what are you?

A girl just trying to fit in anywhere she can just for a slice of him. That slice could mean anything—his money, his connections, his fascinating personality or simply the chance to make love to him again. You don’t call him unless he calls you. You hardly, if ever, see him. But he’s there. He’s there. You keep trying. However, you wonder if you are being “thirsty” or “desperate”. That behavior is for some, but not you. I am here to tell you one thing: NEVER GIVE UP.

You may be one of those girls, and there are many who don’t go out a lot, don’t meet enough or if any ballers, or you just met your first baller. This is all okay and very normal. The key to success is to stay at it. You want to hold on to what you found because you know it’s always easier to get more of something when you have some of it already. Don’t stalk, but stay in the peripheries. Just when he thinks you’ve forgotten about him, you contact him via his preferred method. He’ll more than likely respond. Whether he does or not isn’t the point. It’s not about getting him, but staying in the flow and focusing your attention on the things you want. Staying in touch with him aligns your mind to think of what can happen with him or any other baller. One particular baller’s current girlfriend, stayed in the picture for 7 years. Through his divorce and she only had sex with him once. She even got engaged to someone else during this time. In the 7th year, he reached out to her after 1 year of no response to her occasional outreach. He told her that she was on his mind one way or another. They are with each other now. Many times, these men date women in their circle or who someone puts them on to. In order to be in the circle, you have to stay in it somehow, even if it’s just his.

The one circumstance that I still remember was when I heard about this one chick who gave a baller her number. When he called, he told her he was seeing someone seriously. She told him she didn’t want to play but that he should reach out when available. He didn’t. But she did every so often. Two years later he did reach out and he was single. Not sure what happened, but last I heard they were dating. Remember, your life is going on. Even if you end up with the average Joe, still reach out now and then. You wait for no one, but you always stay “present” like an owl on the branch.

If you get impatient, get a psychic or an intuitive counselor to help you decide if you should continue. Don’t make any rash decisions. Extreme circumstances call for extreme measures! LOL. Nearly every celebrity has one. You don’t really think they leave multi-million dollar deals up to chance, do you?

So, there you have it. Never give up. Measure your communication with him. Don’t worry about how you look or seem. Just be smart and keep all the contact very simple. No lovie-dovie messages or demands for anything. Just simple, brief and fleeting. The objective at the end is to have at least one or more baller interested in you. A well-known chick who did this is Tameka Foster. Not even Usher’s mama could’ve stopped her. The only time to stop is when he tells you so, and most men never will if you follow the rules.

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