Let’s face it. The down low world exist. My 13 year old girl cousin told me that the guys in her school admit if they are bi-sexual now. This is a good thing but bad at the same time. On one hand the girls know that they are practicing risky behavior..on the other hand is this what it has come too?

Down low is a slang term that refers to keeping something private. Down low men means a closeted homosexual. It’s men who have sex with other men but do not identify as gay or bi-sexual.

Here are some signs of down low behavior:

*He is always with his homies. Out with him, texting, speaking low on the phone.
*Extremely homophobic – he hates gays to the point he is always talking about it.
*He is an abuser – if he abuses you for no reason (verbally and physically) he is crying for help. He really wants to come out of the closet.
*His butthole is super open but he doesn’t want you to touch it.
*He argues with his homies like they are a couple
*Wearing nut hugging jeans
*Gossips about other people
*Doesn’t seem to enjoy sex with you
*Your inner gaydar goes off

Please add to the list…

It seems like the talk of down low brothers has become mute. It’s still out there. Be careful…

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