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Simplify Your Wardrobe & Always Be Well Dressed!

Ladies if any of you are like me you have closets and drawers overflowing with more clothes than you know what to do with. Well my goal is to simplify my wardrobe so that i can know what I have and always be well dressed. I believe that through my accesories I can show my personal style and am scaling back my wardrobe to the basics and keeping only the BEST of my signature pieces. Below is the guideline I am using to establishing my basics. Everything else i am going to take to consignment & donate.

Jeans and Pants
Two pairs of trousers which vary in style. Wide-legged pants or man-style trousers and another pair that are a more timeless, classic cut.
Two pairs of jeans in different cuts. Fitted, straight legged or flared and wide-legged or man style. This can include skinny jeans if you have the body shape to wear them.
Coats and Jackets
A really great, well-cut coat. A timeless trench will take you from season to season.
Two jackets. One that can be teamed with pants and the other that looks good over dresses.
Dresses and Tops
Long-sleeved T-shirts or tops in varying weights but in basic colours such as black, white or cream.
One classic, fitted white shirt, crisp and classy.
A cashmere sweater and cardigan in a V-neck and round neck.
A few great day dresses which are easy to wear and versatile for any occasion. One of these should be the indispensable wrap dress – smart, sexy and timeless.
A colorful evening dress which makes you feel great.
The ultimate little black dress.
Handbags and Shoes
One pair of wild look-at-me, statement shoes for those times you want to be noticed.
A pair of versatile,sophisticated black medium-heeled courts.
Comfortable ballet flats in different styles and colors.
A pair of walking boots and a pair of statement boots, fashionable and trendy.
One really serious handbag which brings class to an outfit and that you are proud to wear.
Accessories –Jewelry and Sunglasses
A few pairs of sunglasses in different colors and styles.
An ever growing range of fun costume jewelry –high street and vintage, which allows you to update your outfits and show your individuality.
Also belts and scarves they can transcend the most simple plain outfit into something FAB!

I know we have some fashionistas on here what are some tips you have?

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