Sixers’ Nick Young Addresses Rape Allegations

Nick Young of the Philadelphia  76ers has finally broken his silence about the rape allegations stemming from 2011. In an instragram post titled “Don’t Believe Everything You Hear”, Young begins his statement claiming his innocence: 

“I was shocked with the amount of people who actually believed Swaggy would do such a thing! I take my craft and reputation seriously. I have a son that looks up to me as well as fans that are children. I would never want them to think of me in such a way.

I learned that God has a way of showing things: Who my real friends are, who I can trust and who has my best interest. So to my family, friends, coaches, and teammates and fans that supported me through this challenging time I want to say thank you for believing in me. Your support and prayer means the world to me. At this time I want to say God is everything so keep yo faith, keep smiling and swaggin on these haters.”

I appreciate Nick for writing this and not having a publicist do it for him, yet I’m not sure if it would be a great move. Sometimes statements only entice vindictive people to go harder. Then again, sometimes they don’t. Only time will tell how this entire story plays out.

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