Snickers Responds to Rumors That They're Removing the “D**k Vein” From Candy Bars: "The Vein Remains"

Snickers Responds to Rumors That They’re Removing the “D**k Vein” From Candy Bars: “The Vein Remains”

Snickers is shutting down rumors that it eliminated the perceived “penis veins” from the top of the famous candy bar. 

Last week, social media was overrun with people comparing the chocolate topping of Snickers bars to the veins commonly seen on penises. The candy bar became the topic of conversation once a photo circulated showing a smooth Snickers bar without the veiny top. 

Consumers of the tasty milk chocolate log went wild, demanding that the company return the familiar veins to their rightful spot. The backlash caused so much outrage that Snickers was forced to share a photo of the girthy candy bar, proving that they had not removed the deep, thick lines, still available to buyers who wished to feel the texture in their mouths. 

During the commotion, Twitter users felt that removing the veins was a calculated move to tone down sexual innuendos surrounding Mars products. If you recall, Mars re-imaged the animated M&M characters, making the Green character less sexy. 

However, it appears that Snickers does not have the same freaky mind as Twitter users and says the lines are just lines.  

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