So, Your Baller Wants You To Get An Abortion…

This is always a touchy subject but I was inspired by this when I wrote about NFL Baller Chris Mcalister. He divorced his wife of 13 months after she got pregnant and wouldn’t get an abortion, now he’s crying broke to cheapen up the child support payments. What if this were you?


Whether you were the chick on the side or the wife, would you get an abortion because your Baller wanted you to? Sure it’s your body, but it’s his money right? Let’s look at the situation from both stand points and determine who’s right and wrong.


Hers: You find out you’re pregnant. At first you’re scared because you know life is about to change but then you come to the realization that you have a life growing inside of you and that is a blessing. Your Baller doesn’t think so. For a number of reasons he isn’t too thrilled about the new bundle of joy. He doesn’t want anymore kids. He doesn’t want his wife to know about you. He doesn’t want to be a family man. Regardless of the reason, he asks you to get rid of it. He even offers to pay for the procedure. What do you do? You’re happy about the situation and can’t fully wrap your mind around why he isn’t. You even offered to leave town so his wife never had to know but he doesn’t want to take any chances. When you refuse to go through with it, he puts you out on your ass leaving you high and dry. Sad part is, in the event that you try to come after him for child support, he’ll say you trapped him. Is it your fault that he didn’t want to be a father?


His: You made it very clear from the beginning that you didn’t want kids. You let her know that financially things weren’t right, that you were having too much fun being single and that you aren’t the “Father” type. Should you pay for a child that you didn’t want when you made it perfectly clear? If all she cared about was herself then she should be responsible for the child by herself. You pretty much put it out there from the beginning that this wasn’t what you wanted so why should you be held responsible when she knowingly did her own thing?

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