Soccer Moms Are Gold Diggers Too: The Tim Dog Story

Many of you guys watched Dateline over the weekend. They showed an interesting story about a rapper by the name of Tim Dog and various scams on poor defenseless soccer moms looking for love online. If you haven’t seen it, watch the videos below:

The hour series was broken down into 11 short clips for youtube purposes but you can find the full video HERE. I must say, the entire thing was rather interesting, but it got me to thinking. 

1) These women would have never gotten with Timothy Blair if they didn’t know he was “Tim Dog” 


2) How come middle aged soccer mom’s can’t be labeled as groupies and gold diggers but a younger, prettier girl who puts it out on the table gets bashed and ridiculed? 

Think about it: In the story of Esther and Tim Blair, she wasn’t all that interested in him until she realized that he had a rap career in the 90’s. She wasn’t all that impressed with him physically, but she continued on because she was a “fan”. Right.

She made it a point to mention that he bought her expensive things, they ate at expensive restaurants, he lived in a gorgeous high rise and he had no problem whipping out his AMEX. Now, had this been a young lady in her 20’s making these same comments, she would be getting called a gold digger by now. But not Esther, why? Is it because she ended up giving up $10,000 of her own money to Tim Dog? Keep in mind why she did it though — she was promised she’d see a $1Mil return. See, she was in it for the money just like any young girl would be. The difference is, the young girl is going to tell it like it is in the beginning and will never put up her own money. That’s where Esther messed up and that’s why she was left $32,000 in the hole. If you continue to watch the entire special, the younger girl is the only girl who didn’t have to spend a dime on Tim Dog. I’m sure at some point she made it pretty clear that Tim was going to be taking care of her and not the other way around. Esther, at one point during the show, said she did what she did to prove to Tim that she wasn’t a gold digger. Only gold diggers who are ashamed say things like this.

The fact of the matter is, Tim Dog so gold digger qualities in the women he scammed and in turn, they got dug. Why else would he woo them with expensive things, then start talking business ventures with women who don’t know a single thing about the music business. It’s because they got a taste of that good life and wanted a piece of their own. Is it fair that no one else could see this though? Is it fair that women of BA and women who think like us are unjustly labeled just because we won’t settle for a man that can’t supply for us financially yet a middle aged soccer mom does the same, and the world cries before because she wasn’t smart enough to not get scammed? Don’t get me wrong, I sympathize with all of these women because they lost a LOT and I’m not taking away from the fact that Tim Dog is a con artist. But let’s be honest here, these women were out for money and weren’t smart. They were intrigued by shiny things but when they felt that inner gold digger come out, they tried to suppress it by putting up their own funds. Looks to me like the gold digger got dug. If you knew better you’d do better. That’s why Baller Alert is here!

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