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 I think  I laugh a little bit more each day with the use of social media. Not because the memes or videos are ridiculously funny, but because the nature of social media is the detachment of reality. I could not be more than six when my mother told me “Everything that glitter isn’t gold”. I had no idea what that meant at the time, but I did deduce that it was said when I would want something based on perception.  My wants were never unnoticed by my parents. I was privileged /blessed beyond belief,  however because of that grounding, I understand the concept of appearance and reality.  I like nice things just as much as the next, but it isn’t the definitive facet of my being.


It isn’t hard to scroll the net and find pictures of scantily clad women spreading eagle apparently demonstrating the new Glade “Clean Linen” candle they bought [insert side eye].  Modeling is usually the scape goat , but most will conclude these young women are bartering their respect for the grandeur of  likes or the lustful comments hidden behind the opening sentiment of “Gorgeous”. Some even equate it to fame. The relentless pursuit to be recognized is often the inevitable demise.  We are familiar with the Tuition and Income Tax refund ballers that  purchase  foreign whips in February, ball out of control March – April, and consequently in May they walk until the next refund because their cars were repossessed.  The list could go on, but the idea remains consistent.


It is a behavior that is expected.  A quick search of #bloodybottoms, #redbottoms or #Louboutins yields pictures of those in questionable living arrangements boasting their shoes.  We all deserve nice things however “at what cost?”  should  be the subconscious thought.  At what cost is the materialism or delusion bought?  Pride won’t allow you to work as a server for tips, however it allows you to pop it for a pimp in the hopes of landing that baller.  It allows you to put your family in a precarious situation so that you may one up your peers on social media with expensive items that your closet can’t compliment. Why have a Birkin if you don’t have the cash value of the bag in savings or the ability to carry that value as a daily checking account balance?  Why have a CLS550 if you can’t afford the gas it requires to drive therefore it remains parked? I see no purpose in turning up at Liv , but not being able to rub two quarters together during the week to actually live.


I remember having a conversation with a young lady who had  shallow ambitions.  I never knock a hustle.  She was avid she was going to strip. She referenced some of Houston’s well known strippers , the cars they drove, the men they were tied to and so forth. She talked about the “glitter” of that lifestyle . I asked had she heard of a few names , but one in particular was  Jaren Lockhart- a New Orlean’s stripper brutally murdered and dismembered. The look of shock told me that she had no idea. I asked was she familiar with the  drug and alcohol use within that industry. Or that sometimes a client can’t separate fantasy from reality and many have been stalked and unfortunately raped. Unbothered, she responded she did not want to be “regular”.  What exactly was regular? Something apparently her life and safety wasn’t worth.


When your body ages or that dollar doesn’t stretch as it once did, would the materialism be worth it? When the life of luxury leaves, those people that once praised you just to partake in the decadence will turn and become the first to criticize you as you fall.  The fall is often harder from the top. But were you really ever at the top? Fake friends. A day or two of balling. Financial ruins. Slander. Assault. Disrespect.  The tarnishing facets usually go without further thought. We see the reflections of light and assume it is beautiful and something we must have. More often it is sheen from the oxidation of garbage being reflected. We must stop judging things from a limited perspective. There is no shame or disgrace in a #grind. Nothing is ever wrong with the process.


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