Sony To Reboot Anaconda 20 Years After Its Original Release

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The 1997 horror plans to hit the screen again but this time in an “all-new and all-modern” reimagining. Evan Daugherty, notable for his work on Snow White and the Huntsman, has been hired to write the script.

The original movie followed a documentary crew through the Amazon who run into a hunter turned murderous man obsessed with finding a legendary Anaconda.

While many details about the new film are still in the dark, Daugherty has been very adamant about how this is not a remake, sources told The Hollywood Reporter.

“…the studio is hoping to take a Meg-style approach to the concept,” sources reported. The Meg was the 2018 killer shark movie that profited half a billion dollars. “The studio is aiming to take what was a simple and relatively cheap programmer with a B-movie concept and even rise it in scope and budget,” sources went onto say.

The original Anaconda was a box office successes, profiting $136.8 million. The cult hit went onto launch a franchise and numerous sequels. The Hollywood reported stated, “Insiders say the title has proved to be one of the most profitable in Sony’s library.”

Anaconda Reboot

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