Stephen A. Smith Talks Rihanna's Upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Performance: "She Ain't Beyonce" [Video]

Stephen A. Smith Talks Rihanna’s Upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Performance: “She Ain’t Beyonce” [Video]

On Wednesday, Stephen A. Smith had much to say about Rihanna’s upcoming Super Bowl halftime show performance.

During this week’s episode of The Sherri Show, Smith claimed that RiRi “ain’t Beyonce.”

According to Smith, Beyoncé was mentioned because she did SB XLVII without Coldplay and Bruno Mars… but she did have Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, former Destiny’s Child members, on her side.

However, given her performance has been fully kept a secret since it was announced, Rihanna could still be doing her gig alone.

In his explanation, Smith compares the situation to Sherri Shepard.

“I like television,” he added.  “I like a lot of talent out there.  There’s some spectacular females in television, I just want to say that.  Everybody ain’t Sherri.  That’s not throwing shading on them.  That’s appreciating their greatness but understanding there’s levels!”

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