Steve Bannon’s Podcast Pulled From YouTube Over Rudy Giuliani Episode

Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast is no longer available on YouTube after Rudy Giuliani blamed the MAGA riots on Democrats during an interview.

Giuliani, who is Trump’s personal attorney, blamed Democrats for causing the violence by “censoring and suppressing” Trump supporters. YouTube removed the video just hours after it was posted for violation of their terms of service.

“And also there’s equal if not more responsibility on the fascists who now running the Democrat Party, who have imposed censorship on these people, who have been singling them out for unfair treatment since the IRS started going after conservative groups.”

This is the latest removal in a growing list of bans across social media platforms. Donald Trump’s official Twitter account was permanently banned, along with his Reddit page. Parler was pulled from Google Play over claims that the platform was used to plan the riot that left five dead, including a Capitol police officer. Trump’s digital director was also suspended on Twitter for allowing the unhinged president to tweet from his account.

Despite Trump inciting the violence, Giuliani maintains that the explosive rioters had the right to resort to violence.

“The media may deny it, but those people know it. They know their freedom of religion is being taken away. They know their freedom of speech is virtually decimated.”

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