Steve Harvey 'Very Uncomfortable' by Intimate Photo of Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan

Steve Harvey ‘Very Uncomfortable’ by Intimate Photo of Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan

Lori Harvey might be 25, but she will always be her father’s baby girl, and he doesn’t want to see intimate photos of her and her boyfriend Michael B. Jordan.

Steve Harvey stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show recently, where he was asked if Jordan spent the holidays with the Harvey family. A photo of Lori sitting on Jordan’s lap was brought up on a screen, eliciting a funny reaction from Harvey.

“Look at that,” said host, Ellen DeGeneres. “That’s happening in front of you?”

“I’ve never seen that picture before,” the Family Feud host replied. “I’m very uncomfortable with that picture right there.”

He added, “I’m not really feeling that picture.”

Harvey revealed that Jordan spent his second Christmas with the family and that he’s a good gift giver. He joked that Jordan’s gift-giving was the reason why he liked him.

“I’m a father, so he bought me this big 100-cigar box of the most hard-to-get cigars,” Harvey continued. “He gave my wife some skis. Who do that? Only way you give your potential mother-in-law some skis is because you want her to be your mother-in-law.”

He told DeGeneres that although he’s rooting for Jordan, he’s also keeping an “eye on him” at the same time. “I’m pulling for him because he’s a really good guy,” Harvey said. 

This isn’t the first time Harvey has spoken about the couple. Last year he told People that he’s happy for Lori, admitting it’s the first time she’s been in a relationship he felt good about. 

​​”It’s the first time I’ve been happy for her [in a relationship],” he told the outlet. “And it’s the first time she’s been happy.” 

Watch the clip below.

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