Stevie J Talks ‘Stevie J Face’, Being With Eve & Committing To Mimi

Everyone’s favorite Love & Hip Hop star, Stevie J did an interview with The Jasmine Brand where he discussed his past relationships and how he feels about those god awful faces he makes. Check out some excerpts below.


Why do you think the show is so popular?

I believe that LHHATL is popular just because of the storyline that I bring to the table. At the end of the day, I’m not sacrificing who I am, and I wanted to bring something to the table that would kind of have an impact on American society, as we know it. That’s not the norm, of what they seeing right now, people bugged out but its really going on everyday in somebody’s life, 95% of the world’s life. I believe its successful due to real life situations and circumstances Joseline and Mimi are involved in.

Now you have some quite entertaining faces. I’ve seen celebs like Chris Brown tweet pix of your facial expressions. Have you seen that spoof they did on LHHA, with you as a Ninja Turtle? And do you embrace people making fun of your faces or does it bother you?

I love it, it cracks me up, I never cry so hard, I laugh crying at this stuff. I never thought a facial expression could change society, or make people feel a certain type of way. It’s actually a blessing to have people want to take the time out to do a cartoon and create a parody it makes me feel like, I’m doing something right.



I believe that there’s always an overlying lesson when a relationship ends. What did you learn about maybe yourself or relationships, with Alex (Whoopi Goldberg’s Daughter)?

Sometimes your friends are your best friends, and you shouldn’t have so much as a friend, and then we became best friends don’t have a relationship with them. I grew to love her as a best friend, then it became something far out of our control. When you throw the ‘L’ word around then emotions start getting crazy. But I realized that if someone is that special to you and you cherish them as a friend, then, don’t try to make it a relationship.

How did you and Eve meet?

I met Eve at a video shoot, we had the same publicist at the time, and they asked me to go to one of her videos so myself and my son, Lil’ Stevie went we met her there. She asked if I was single and I said No, we never exchanged numbers, then I saw her again right after I broke my relationship off, and we began to date thereafter.

If you loved her, what did you love the most about Eve?

Of course, I loved her, I’m not a bad guy like that. I loved the most the fact that we are both creative, and just to see her grow was something I loved. To see her grow from a young lady to a woman. I’m glad that I was apart of that. That’s what I loved about her, just to watch her grow.



What prevented you from being committed to Mimi?

I’ve never not been that, I like to do what I like to do when I like to do it. I like to have fun and do me. Everyone has rules in relationships, as long as you follow the rules, when the rules get broken that’s when you have issues, it gets messy and you stepping outside of things.

If the roles were reversed and Mimi had sex or a relationship with another man, could you handle that?

You can’t ask me that because I’m not going for that. I don’t have to and I wont. I’m not entertaining that one right there.

Is that a double-standard:

Call it what you want it call it.

I read somewhere that all of your money is going to pay child support and you’re basically broke. I’m assuming that that’s not the case, but can you clarify if there’s any truth to that?

I don’t entertain that. I’m cooling, I just left Miami, day before that, I was somewhere else, everyday I’m somewhere else, everyday I’m somewhere else. I’m ok, my house is nice, I’m good. I feel good about life.


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