Stop Trying to Marry a Baller – It’s a Recession!

Ladies, I know you want to marry a baller but its a recession and who has time for love? It is time to get that money honey!

A lot of women are still asking me, “Sandra, how do you do it” and I simply tell them “Stop trying to fall in love.” Some of yall get confused and willy dilly in the head when you first meet a baller. You think because he approached you first that he might actually like you and take a chance to get to know you as wifey. You try so hard to prove to him that you are not a groupie or a hoe and that you have your shit together and don’t want nothing from him when you know in the back of your mind you really want his cash flow to flow your way. (Take notes)

Note#1- If you met him in the club, he is not out looking for love and neither should you. When he approaches you, don’t act like you have your shit together when you know in the back of your mind you DON’T!!! Your mortgage is due, your car acting up, and your cable just got turned off. Let him know upfront that “I don’t have time to be your fuck slave, I have a dildo that can probably get the job done better than you can. I need more in my life than a hard dick. So what else you got?” Tell him “I am treated like a princess and won’t accept any other type of treatment so if you with it here’s my number and if not, it was nice to meet you.” Some of them may look at you like a gold digger and be turned off and some will really be with it. At least you find out in the beginning who is willing and who is not. You think these girls walking around with louis bags got that shit without asking? Some may have, but not very many. Now is not the time to be playing games you have to voice what you want and you need your bills paid.

Note#2 – Make sure you do not sleep with him until he has done more than three things. Bringing you fast food and taking you out to dinner does not count. Paying your mortgage bill and getting your $800 dollar extensions do count. In the meantime, you can tease the hell out of him and keep making him want you more and more.

Note#3 – Keep the routine going. If he takes care of something else after completing the prior three things, he can get rewarded with mind blowing sex. Get buck wild in the bedroom with his ass, make him not want to let your ass go. If he paying for that ass, you better not give him some average ass coochie. Some other girl is waiting to give it up for free, so make his money worth spending on.

It sounds like prostitution but it’s not. Your coochie is golden and should not be treated like its bronze. You can’t keep giving the goodies up for free when the baller has it to give. Its not fair that he has money out the ass and just fucked a bad bitch and got an amazing nut for free. That’s why you tell him your dildo can do the same thing and you basically don’t need him for his dick! If we put our feelings aside and treat these ballers like a business, we would get exactly what we want from them. The chance of you being their wife is slim to none so stop trying to be it and get your money while the other bitches can put on a front and try to be the wife.

That’s all for now 🙂


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