Suge Knight forced to auction off Death Row Records..

These days Suge Knight just can’t catch a break. If he’s not getting his ass knocked out by mini-me, which by the way was highly embarrassing. I guess its true, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. I’ve always thought, anything dealing with death could never be a good thing. Death Row records, in my opinion was cursed when it first made its appearance in the mid 90s.

In recent news, Suge was ordered by a bankruptcy court to auction off all the assets of Death Row Records to the highest bidder. It sold for $24 million, too bad he won’t be seeing any of it. The troubles began in 2005 when Knight was ordered to pay $107 million to former partner Lydia Harris who accused him owing her profits after she was forced out of the label. This caused Suge to file for bankruptcy in April 2006 when Suge filed for federal bankruptcy.

Don’t be surprised if you see Mr. Fatness standing on your neighborhood street corner with a sign stating he will work for food. Such a shame. A once prominent businessman with the world at his feet; BROKE!

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