Super Bowl 2021 Welcomes A Wayne’s World Reunion

Stars Mike Myers and Dana Carvey will reprise their roles from the hit show Wayne’s World for a Super Bowl commercial.

Next week, Uber Eats will have a 60-second commercial featuring Myers and Carvey as Wayne and Garth, respectively, People reported.

“Hey, we’re back, 2020, man that was a great year… NOT,” Myers said in a 30-second teaser for the commercial on Sunday.

In the video, Myers was sitting alongside Carvey.

“Yeah, it really sucked,” Carvey added. “It sucked donkey.”

“We just wanted to say we’ll see you soon for the game, which for legal reasons cannot be named,” Myers continued, alluding to the Super Bowl.

“We’ll see you on the big bowl,” said Carvey. “The gigantic bowl,” said Myers.

The video ends with Uber Eat‘s identifying themselves, tying in their branding and promotion.

During the Super Bowl, the commercials are highly anticipated and are one of the best parts about watching the annual event.

But, according to CNET, the ad landscape is looking different this year as big companies, such as Budweiser,  Pepsi, and Coke “sit out their usual commercial buys as they rethink how best to promote their brands during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.”

Nonetheless, entertaining and creative ads will still fill the screens on Sunday, Feb. 7, when the Kansas City Chiefs face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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