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It’s the fourth quarter. The score is 28-24. There are just seconds left in the game. You’re on 2nd & Goal on the one. You have a timeout and three more chances to take the lead. Not to mention, you have the best running back in the league. This is the game-winning play and you’ll become back-to-back Super Bowl Champions. Plot twist: you throw the ball, and you’re intercepted! The New England Patriots become the winners of Super Bowl 49.

Perhaps in the worst call most of us have ever witnessed, we watched the dreams of a young Seattle team fade hopelessly into the night. At the end of the day, this was not the game to experiment with headliner plays. And even if you don’t understand football, you’d know that entrusting in Marshawn Lynch to score, is the correct thing to do in such a dire situation. Had we watched Lynch – or hell, even Russell Wilson – attempt to run into the end zone but be held back, we could have all lived with it. The fluke-of-a-catch by Jermaine Kearse, set Seattle up with the perfect scoring opportunity. So the idea, that you don’t hand it off to the offensive player who has carried his team on his back (literally) for the last two years, spoke volumes.

Head coach, Pete Carroll, nobly took the fall though I believe blame should be pointed in a few directions. It is in my belief that offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell, made the call and Carroll okayed it. In the end, the OC diverted this awful play to Ricardo Lockette, the intended receiver. “(He) could have done a better job staying strong on the ball,” said Bevell. EXCUSE ME?! The Patriots defense had been on man-to-man coverage practically the whole night and during the last Seahawks possession, who would expect any different?

“Put the blame on me. I’m the one who threw it,” says Wilson, who I also think had more sense than to shotgun the ball given the current setting. As a leader of your team you’ve got to know when to defy certain calls. Unfortunately, the one interception he threw lost the game, but he should take very little blame, if any at all, for the end result.

Patriots QB, Tom Brady, had a mediocre game – by his standards – by throwing two picks and becoming quite flustered toward the fourth quarter, especially after being sacked. Yet somehow, the Patriots still came out on top, this time, fair and square.

This was Brady’s fourth Super Bowl win with the Patriots. He also holds the record of most touchdown passes in a Super Bowl. 

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