T.I. Opens Up About Nipsey Hussle’s Homegoing Ceremony and Kodak Black’s Comments: “It’s Been Addressed and We’ve Moved On” 

On March 31, West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in his hometown, in front of a store he opened to build up his city and employ his people. In the wake of his tragic death, fans, friends and family members opened up about the life and legacy of Hussle, and how the rapper/activist impacted the generation in his 33-years on Earth. 

However, amid the overwhelming love and support displayed in honor of Hussle and his family, a few Internet trolls used the opportunity to capitalize off Hussle’s untimely death, while others, like Kodak Black, set their sights on Hussle’s woman, Lauren London. However, in Hussle’s defense, many called for the cancellation of Black, once and for all. 

In fact, in the wake of the disrespect, Atlanta-native and longtime friend to both Hussle and London, T.I. took it upon himself to call out Black for his comments, sparking a social media back and forth. But now, according to the King of the South, himself, the matter has “been addressed,” and the two have officially moved on. 

“I felt a lot of pain for the family,” T.I. said. “The time has passed for that. We’ve moved on. It’s been addressed, we’ve moved on. We have bigger things to accomplish.” 

But, when it comes to Hussle’s homegoing service, ceremony and 25-mile long precession, T.I. said it was beautiful, as he opened up about the relief in knowing how much Hussle was loved and appreciated for his impact on the world. 

“I think it was a beautiful service and there’s definitely some peace in knowing how much of a positive impact he had on the world,” T.I. said of Hussle. “Just given what his message was, what his initiatives were and how many people got the message just like that. It definitely feels like an elevation.” 

“Everybody gotta do their part. My goal for myself may not be your goal for yourself but as long as we have moments of enlightenment and encourage one another and invest in the communities that need it most,” he continued. “Even if you don’t have the proper amount of finances to do what you want to do, donate your time.”

Check out the full interview below:

T.I. Talks Kodak Black and Nipsey Hussle

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