T-Pain Says Travis Scott Ghosted Him In Multiple Studio Sessions; Twitter Reacts: “The T-Pain Disrespect is Out of Hand”

Fans are calling out Travis Scott after learning he ghosted and disrespected T-Pain.

The widely renowned King of Auto-Tune detailed the studio session with younger rapper, Travis Scott, during a recent Twitch Stream. According to Urban Islandz, the Florida rapper invited Scott to the studio to work on music beats together before the release of Scott’s Astroworld album. Apparently, during the studio session, Scott didn’t think the speakers were loud enough, so T-pain rented out more at $500 per day.

“I was like, ‘No problem, watch this. Yo, Travis said the speakers ain’t loud enough. Bring more speakers.'” T-pain said, and that is when Travis played some of the then-unreleased Astroworld tracks, Complex reports. After hearing the music, T-Pain said he was “motivated” to “make some s***.”  

But then things got weird, as T-pain recalls the “Sicko Mode” artist falling asleep on him. “I started going into how I do production, and the whole time I’m looking at my computer, and he’s back there with his homeboys,” T-Pain explained. “I don’t know what they’re doing back there.” Eventually, T-Pain turned around…and Travis and his crew were all asleep! “Everybody in the room is dead asleep,” he continued. “Knocked the f*** out. Travis is somehow also asleep…standing up.”

T-pain disregarded the uninterested vibe Scott seemed to have for their collaboration and still asked that they record a song together. The two agreed to meet from the 14th to the 18th, but Travis was a no-show at all the sessions. 

“Obviously, the guy hasn’t had enough sleep, so it’s the 14th, the first day, no big deal,” he admitted. “The 15th comes, he didn’t show up. Now, mind you, this was [after] on the 10th, when he had me order these new speakers that I have to pay for daily!” T-pain remained patient, giving Scott the benefit of the doubt, but says he was shocked when he never showed up for any of their pre-scheduled sessions.

T-Pain said he tried reaching out to Scott and his team, “Nothing, not one thing. With me! Nothing from Travis Scott’s team. But Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, everything fully active whole time. Didn’t skip a goddamn beat. I seen that he was on Fortnite. Hit him up on private chat, Nothing. That’s cool.”

When fans got wind of the ordeal, they took to Twitter to air out their thoughts, and most were not happy that Scott ditched T-Pain. 

“The T-Pain disrespect is out of hand,” one user wrote. 

“Why doesn’t anyone wanna work with T-Pain? We actually miss him and want to hear more from him,” someone else said. “If you disrespect T-Pain ever….go f*** yourself.” Y’all niggas not about to sit here and act like T-Pain aint a godfather to the sound all y’all runnin around with RIGHT NOW! Foh. Give that man his flowers,” another wrote. 

However, T-pain seemed to be in good spirits as he recounted the story, but it’s still a disrespectful move to a heavyweight trailblazer of the hip hop music industry who has had a successful career with numerous hits on his record. T-Pain has helped paved the way for many artists and deserves his recognition and respect. 

T-Pain has since tweeted that the situation is not that serious, and the two are cool.

Scott has yet to respond.

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